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The Paper Plane Flew

For the last library period of term, I was looking for a story that was fun, that would take the children on a flight of imagination and one that offered scope for an extension activity.

The Paper Plane Flew by Bharti Singh, was a book that I enjoyed reading and one that I had kept waiting in the wings to be picked for a read-aloud sessions…this I thought was the perfect opportunity to bring it out as it offered all that I was looking for,

As the children enjoyed the fun story and made guesses as to where the paper-plane would fly to next, it seemed like their hearts skipped a beat as we came to the end.

Hands flew to hearts as their mouths formed ‘O’s’.

No one expected this book to end the way it did…heartwarmingly, yet surprisingly satisfying.

In response to the book, one group children learnt to make paper planes. They were given 2 sheets of paper.

One to make a wish, write it on a paper and fold their #wish into the paper plane. This plane came to me for the display board.

The second paper was for them to make a plane to take home.

Children who knew how to fold more complicated planes along with our librarian, Vikash, taught other children how to fold the paper into fancier planes.

Swipe through to see how the children’s paper planes contributed to our display board.

As I pinned the planes up to the board, I was moved by the children’s wishes.

  • “ Me and A should be best friends forever.”

  • “Animals should always be happy.”

  • “All people should be happy.”

  • “Appa should be safe when he travels.”

  • “I wish for a sibling.”

  • “Wish Amma stops work. You (Amma) are doing too much.”

  • “Wish for more books.” (Yay)

And many more wishing to be the best at FIFA player, wanting a cat, wishing that corona virus goes away etc.

The other group of slightly older children attempted to write stories and cartoons along the same line as the story in the book.

This is a delightful hook book, and we had fun reading and extending it in the #library


AUTHOR: Bharti Singh

ILLUSTRATOR: Sheena Deviah


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