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What people say...

" I don’t think Myth Aunty needs testimonials as the work she does speaks for itself. Her passion for children and reading comes out in every word she writes. Her reviews on an eclectic range of books have been valuable to me both as a parent and an educator. Her style of writing is so poetic and expressive that she does a wonderful job convincing you that you need to rush out and buy the book for your child. Her reviews are not just about the book but also seamlessly includes glimpses of her life and experiences that make the review all the more meaningful. These windows to her soul offer clues to what the book means to her and that’s what makes the stories more interesting."

Shankari Subbiah, Principal, Redwood Montessori, Chennai

" I've never known anyone as passionate about books and inculcating good reading habits in children as JoAnne. The Library at Abacus Montessori School is a treasure trove of books- each one carefully selected by her. She has introduced the children to not just new writing, but books on a wide range of subjects. Books focussing on Indian themes, gender, caste, disability- themes that need to be discussed in this ever changing world. She also has a great rapport with the children and we are extremely fortunate to have her and the 'best little library' in our lives! "

Suchitra Girish, Parent, Abacus Montessori School, Chennai

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" JoAnne was a storyteller long before being a storyteller/story educator became fashionable. Watching her work over the years, what she did was ignite a spark on topics that were not discussed as easily as it is done today. 

All the sotries she has narrated and the books she has read to children has been her gift in changing the student(and parent) at a time. "

Anjana Kushalappa, Montessori Directress.An

JoAnne's sheer passion for books and library education infuses a certain energy into all her interactions. She helped set up the library program and trained us in various activities to encourage children to pick up books and read, as well as training us how to 'read aloud' in a manner that was effective. It was an absolute pleasure to be on the receiving end of her one on one training sessions.

Amba Kishore, English Teacher, Sharanalaya. 

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A decade plus ago, when our daughter was 3 years old, she was what I would describe as a spirited and feisty child. Full of energy, wonder and frank curiosity about the world and people. JoAnne, whom I am fortunate to also have as a friend, would gift her books that she carefully chose...books that held our child's unique personality and way of being. So bedtime stories at theis stage were books by Cornelia Funke! These books would be chosen from the book shelf night after night. 

Mrinalini Ponappa Banerjea, Parent Educator, Parenting Matters.


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