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About me...

The Full Story

Spinning yarns, telling tales...tall ones, short ones, round ones and funny ones...and sooo many ones that its all too much to remember. I've been doing this for18 years!! Not long the years are just so short that I just want to grab onto all those tales and hold them, share them and hopefully get you to do the same.

The kids call me 'Myth Aunty'. It kinda has a ring to it. The ring fits, it feels right and instantly identifies me! So I stuck with it.

A trained Montessori teacher, I found my path in 'story education'...connecting stories from folklore and mythology to what children learn in their school curriculum .

This blog is my way of documenting my work which I have been sharing on the Myth Aunty Facebook page, for more than 7 years. 


 I hope to reach out to the parents of the children I work with as well as to spread my passion for using oral storytelling and read-aloud as learning tools, with educators and librarians.

Stories are a wonderful tool to help make connections...within the family and without.

I will continue to share my work using books and stories with children and ideas to open minds, nudge imagination, prod questions, encourage dialogue and help children discover the agency they hold. I hope that my sharing will encourage or even inspire you to look at innovative ways in which we can explore books and stories with children. 

So do pop by this blog once in a find stories that may touch you, tickle your funny bone, books that inspire, activities that engage, ideas for library displays or to just while away your time.


Through workshops for Teachers and Parents  I love to spread my belief that books change lives and readers rule their world!!

Read more about my workshops and services here... 

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