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Pairing and Comparing Wedding Baraat Picture Books

Tuesday’s are ‘twosday’s’ on my Instagram account @mythaunty , when I share a pair of books.

When we received the PHL Book Box, from @paragreads , I pulled out the big book ‘WHO’S NEXT?’ by Mini Shrinivasan, illustrated by Priya Kuriyan and pored over it. My mind immediately jumped to an old ‘wordless’ number book that we had in our collection…Procession by Micky Patel.

‘Who’s Next?’ is written and illustrated by two of my favourite book people…but that is not the only reason why I love it.

Stunning detailed illustration that are Priya Kuriyan's hallmark, jumped out at me and I delighted in Mini’s storyline.

I took the book home to spend time with it. Pulling ‘Procession’ out from my book shelf, I couldn’t help but notice the parallel images.

Both books feature a wedding baraat…

Priya Kuriyan’s detailed illustrations have children in the library lie down on the floor as they take in all the details, pointing out to this and that…every reading offering a new discovery.

Micky Patel’s illustrations are very specific, given that it is a number book.

But what gloriously subdued illustrations they are. The colour palette and details are captivating and lend a nostalgic, magical mood.

I love the idea of using both these books parallely…with younger children.

They are wonderful books that can be used to ‘read’ the illustrations, to compare, to absorb and to talk about. Help children with the vocabulary they need, as the rich illustrations are fodder for expression.

Also great books to start a discussion about different wedding traditions in each child's family.

As a Library Educator and die-hard-romantic, it's also a way to ensure that the Bollywood wedding becoming the only story, opening out the range of traditions across the country.

Procession - Micky Patel, published by NBT

Who’s Next? - Mini Shrinivasan, illustrated by Priya Kuriyan, published by Eklavya

What do you notice and love in this pair of books?



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