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Eliciting some library love with display boards.

February 2020

It was all about love in the school library last year.

Children shared some library love during the Valentine's week.

Now not only were they thrilled to select their favourite shade of the pink heart post-its, they also loved sharing their views.

Encourage children to think about their responses, and choose their top idea. Whatever they need to write must fit on one post-it.

Once they do decide and share, value whatever they have written, even if it isn't an answer you were hoping for. This gives them the confidence about their thoughts and ideas and the willingness to share again.

Children enjoy reading their peer's responses which indirectly serve as an advertisements for the different elements that make up the library.

For me as an educator, this fun exercise is invaluable feedback...given casually, and as a result most often the truest response.

In the spirit of Library share some love with Myth Aunty...tell me what you like about this blog, what you would like to see, what you could do without....


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