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Diverse India Theme and Library Display

29 January, 2020

This term its all about Indian stories...especially our folktales.


During our library sessions we talked about how every story is a GIFT passed down from generation to generation and how in India, stories are told not just through words, but also through paintings, song, music, sculpture and dance.


We will be exploring these art forms along with stories from each state.


We’ve started way up North in Arunachal Pradesh with a wonderful oral telling of a Trickster tale.


I love doing themes across each semester with displays like this to match.

Themes keep the library interesting and help bring out books which otherwise languish on the shelf.

They also highlight simple truths...India is Diverse, hear about it, read about it, talk about it, appreciate it. The library offers us the space to hold these conversations in subtle ways.

Suddenly, Indian folktales are cool and Amar Chitra Katha comics are more in demand than Bad Guys. Hey!!! We’ve got our own traditional bad guys!!

The poster at the entrance to the library.

One of the shelves that display books on the theme of the term.

The details on the poster above. Traditional Indian storytelling forms are mentioned all around the map.


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