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Wilderness Card Game...Educational and Fun!!

I was waiting for this to arrive, following the updates from it's creators on social media . This one is for the school library…A Wilderness Card game created by Palluyir Trust for Nature Education and Research and the Madras Naturalist Society.

This is a wonderful ecology based card game where players need to protect their habitat and build an ecosystem as assigned to them by the card they draw.

This particular set is based on coasts and marshes. . Why would I need a card game in the library? . This year I planned to build up our board game and card game selection. Mostly word games but also games like this, which encourage learning.

The students who come into the library are a mixed bunch. While some come in knowing exactly what they are looking for, others wander around looking for something they can ‘do’ instead of read. The library has an activity station stocked with word puzzles, colours, writing and drawing paper and other delightful things they can explore and create with. The older children sometimes look to the library as a place of refuge, away from their heavy academic workload. Games like this one are fun while keeping the focus on reading and learning. . Players need to read the card, make connections to where it’s place is, amongst the ecosystems at play and familiarise themselves with the correct terms, while learning the role of each creature/ plant in an ecosystem. This game is bound to nudge further reading and I’m more than happy to have our non-fiction shelves stocked with the related reading material. .

Watch the video and see the details in each card. There are ‘action’ cards which as in other games, boost or hamper the players progress. The cards can also be used individually to play a 20 questions kind of game, a fun group activity at home, class or library. .

If you would like one of these games for your child, classroom or library, click here Suitable for 10+ for more resources on nature education.

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