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WET out, it will leave an endearing mark.

Ok, so...Asha Nehemiah and Chetan Sharma are a dream team where I’m concerned and I have a huge soft corner for the Hook Book Series published by Penguinsters.

When Dr. Nesamani puts all the money from an award she had won into building a small hospital for the people in a tiny Nilgiri’s town, she commissions her artist nephew Aman to paint a mural. Sevana, the best mason in the town is commissioned with finishing the wall as smooth as glass, so that Aman can have a ready canvas! Once done Sevana takes the precaution ensure that people are kept away till the surface is dry.

Aman’s design is a collage of all things ‘medicine’...doctors, ambulances, syringes and more is ready on paper, which he will transfer to the wall the next day.

All of the little town, their children and animals are there to watch Aman paint. Seizing the opportunity, and vendors selling the required tummy fillers, claim their space.

But when Aman (who looks suspiciously like the illustrator of the book) arrives, the wall is not mirror smooth as he expected. What is he going to do? It seemed like EVERY one in the town wanted to be part of the mural.


Asha weaves a heartwarming, fun, surprising tale which as with all her writing, is ever so endearing.

Chetan Sharma’s illustrations leap out at you, pulling the reader right into the melee! I wanted to be right there…and in that mural too!!

Asha’s delightful characters are brought to life and seem caricaturally familiar.


A wonderful read for early readers who are just transitioning into chapter books.


The question that remains is whether Asha Nehemiah could be Dr. Nesamani….take the poll!!


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