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Singing in the Library

Singing a book…literally, is something I love to do, and I do it often!

This however, is one of the first singalong books, that I actually followed up with a reflection and activity.

A popular song, from the movie The Sound of Music… Raindrops on roses, is a song that I anticipated the children joining in singing.

To help them focus on the lyrics, I read it aloud first, explaining what each of the ‘favourite things’ were. Schnitzel and strudel were just some of the words unfamiliar to most Indian children.


When I followed the read aloud by singing aloud, I was surprised to hear quite a few voices joining in. It was a lovely melodious library session which was interspersed with a bee buzzing around the library, and suddenly there was a very real fear of ‘when the bee stings…’ a line in the song.

We talked about what makes us sad, and what could we think about to feel a little better.

As the lyrics go, we simply remembered our favourite things, so then we don’t feel so bad.


Children were given the option of drawing out their favourite things that they could think about to help them feel better.

They thought and shared about people who make them feel better, pets, food, things they love to

do and even toys.


I loved that this simple song, offered us a chance to reflect in a very simple manner, on how we could emotionally self regulate.



Lyrics by Rogers and Hammerstein

Illustrated by Renee Graef

Published by Harper Trophy

Here are how a few of the children reflected...

Children love seeing their own work displayed and always gather around the board to chat about other's thoughts and ideas. Elementary age children are always so appreciative of each others work.

The display outside the library...


SEL Competencies: Self - Managing emotions, Managing stress.

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You read my mind! I was thinking about this song just this morning! Lately I have been trying to remember occasions when I was brave in response to someone, in order to cover up memories that stick in my mind so much more easily when I was Not At All brave. And I realized that this song runs along similar lines: replace the negative by concentrating on what is pleasing. Thank you for the reinforcement. This is a meaningful song for all ages, and it's good to learn it when young, so we can hang on to it.

Me gusta
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