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Serendipitous finds While Weeding our Collection.

One of the most painful jobs for me as a Library Educator, always proves to be one of the most joyful.

The job?


No, we don’t have a lawn in our library, and there are no weeds to be uprooted!!!


Weeding a process by which we go through the shelves, removing outdated or irrelevant resources, based on different criteria...either they are worn out, stereotypical, badly written, multiple copies or a host of other reasons.

It involves scouring the shelves, one book at a time, assessing the resource and removing it from the collection.

Time consuming and back breaking work.


However, every time I decide to weed a shelf, I unearth treasure…pure gold.

Look at this one!!



Published by Puffin and Ravi Dayal .

When an inquisitive and harmless panther strays out of the forest and wanders into a small house in a small town, the two brothers who ive in the house and terrified of the gentle panther.

Ruching out of their house in panic, they gather a crowd and implore the most important person of the town to help them.

This, is a stellar read with Mickey Patel’s trademark illustrations, lending humour to a book that leads the reader to a moral dilemma…what would you think or do when faced with a panther?

Is it a dangerous beast? Or just an innocent creature who shares our world?

It has brought me immeasurable book-joy every since I found it and I’ve beem poring over the illustrations everyday!!


Today, I chose to share.


What are your favourite Mickey Patel books?


This book is no longer in print, but here are a few images for you to enjoy.

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