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Rockstar in a Sari...Picture Book Biography

So, last weekend I was at the India in Fashion exhibition at the NMA Cultural Centre, Mumbai that traces India's influences on world fashion. It showcased the fabric, embroidery techniques and drapes that have been used by top designers both in India and abroad. Such a wonderfully curated and well researched display!!

I stopped short when I saw the display of shoes. Shoes and boots were covered in brocade or adorned with zardosi work and they looked super cool.

The pair of sneakers below, was a collaboration between Christian Louboutin and Indian designer Sabyasachi. The sneakers were adorned with silk brocade and zardozi embroidery.

My bookish mind couldn’t help but jump to a picture book biography that I had skimmed through recently, about a singer I adore.

She blazed a trail with her deep, husky voice…singing in many different languages. She still performs and is still as captivating.

Swipe through the images below, all of which are from a new picture book biography and see if you can guess who she is....

Read all about her in a gorgeous new picture book biography by Pearl D'Silva

I was fascinated reading about her life, her grit and how she stuck her chin out and continued despite a few knocks.



Author: Pearl D’Silva

Illustrator: Vasundhara Arora

Publisher: @ektara_india

Supported by @paragreads

Any guesses whom this biography is about?

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