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Loving poetry with Love That Dog

I don’t know why But this book Makes me dabble in Free verse Which I never have Ever

If it could move Me enough To fancy myself A poet Kids need to read it NOW

‘Boys don’t write poetry Girls do’ Grumbles Jack to his Teacher, “Can’t do it, brain’s Empty.”

But he does learn To appreciate And the readers With him Poetic conventions and Rhythm

Love That Dog by Sharon Creech Asha’s Recommendation Floored me A place in my heart shelf Forever.

This is one of THE most special books I’ve read recently. My head is buzzing with the possibilities. The beauty of it. The creativity, the fluidness of its genre. Given that I’m not really a ‘poetry person’, I can see it’s power because I’ve experienced it. Simple but profound.

The power held in its verse format.

With themes of poetry, not liking poetry, not wanting to own your work, to loss...I found a new favourite. . If you do read it, do share what it draws from you, in the comments below.

Would love to explore all the possibilities in this book with you. . LOVE THAT DOG by Sharon Creech . Thank you to Asha Nehemiah for sharing this recommendation. . And apologies to everyone else who has read until here, for putting you through my bad poetry. . .

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