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Brother Eagle, Sister Earth Day Read-aloud

Today, April 22, is Earth Day.

Don’t you think that every day should be an ‘earth day’?


While I believe that earth stories/ green reads / environment tales should be part of our lives every day, this Earth Day, 2023, I share a read aloud of a book that has moved me.


BROTHER EAGLE, SISTER SKY, illustrated by Susan Jeffers are the words of Chief Seattle, a Native American Indian chief. He spoke these words sometime in the mid 1800’s…over 150years ago.


They are as relevant today as they were then.


Interpreted by Joseph Campbell from a transcription of a speech/ letter he wrote in response to the government trying to buy the land of his people.


I found this book to be deeply moving and his words poetic.

It hints to the storytelling traditions of his people.


This is a long, slow, take-it.easy-and-breathe kind of read-aloud.

If you do stay till the end….let me know what you think if his words.

If this moves you too, do like, comment, share or save.


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