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A Tribute to the Fathers on my Bookshelf this Father's Day

There aren’t many picture books in which we notice Father’s, Dad’s, Daddy’s, Appa’s, Abba’s, Papa’s, Dada’s, Pitaji’s or any other name he may be addressed by, as compared to those featuring Mothers. I guess most mothers do spend far more time with their children as against Dads and that reflects in children's books.

However, there are many wonderful, involved Dads in the world and more so now with the current crop of fathers. Do Dad’s generally get a raw-deal in picture books?

We often notice the newspaper reading Dad or the silly caricature of a Dad doing something foolish or silly. Or something a tool-box carrying Dad, wielding hammers or lawn mowers with unmatchable prowess, or a sporty jock like Dad. Most tend to be in the background.

As I mulled about the picture book Dad’s, I realised that I did have a few books...wonderful books which featured Father’s. There were also others which did not necessarily highlight the ‘father’ role of the character, yet their character speaks volumes...if we choose to notice them. So I scoured my bookshelf for my favourite Dad’s and realised that there’s a whole lot of character hidden in those background-fathers.

So go on, share a book with your children this week-end, re-read the ones you have and be inspired by the wonderful Fathers in children's literature this Father’s Day.

Who are your favourite fathers in picture books?

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