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Library Love during Valentine's Week

With commercial Valentine’s day messages bombarding us all across different media, it is only natural for the children to want to celebrate it during library sessions.


Being the last library session of their academic year, we decided to show the library some love.

Children were invited to share anything they loved about their experience in the library, the library itself or the collection.


As always, the children never fail to delight. Some were deeply thoughtful, spending time to think about what they love doing in the library and I was delighted to see the act of browsing the bookshelves as one of their favourite things to do in the library. Browsing is a wonderfully serendipitous act and is something that I believe will truly help children grow as readers…the magic of chancing upon a perfect read, along with the freedom to make a choice and to exercise that freedom with intelligence and some thought.

The social aspect of reading...reading with friends, featured highly too and I make it a point to encourage this sharing as there are always very interesting discussions around the books when shared.

Some showed some all round love for the library

Some were very specific about the kinds of books they loved and others more general.


Some physical features of the library showed up as favourites….the table, the rugs, the floor carpeting, the display boards, showed me how much the children notice and how a little thought and effort in the aesthetics helps create a space that draws and holds the children.

Here are two attempts at recreating the library on their little sheets of paper..

Activities are another popular choice as are the oral story-telling and read-aloud sessions, while borrowing books was an ever popular aspect that received much love.

By encouraging children to reflect on what they liked about the library, we help the children respect and value the space, nudging them take ownership and pride in their Library.


For me, the library educator, it is feedback and reassurance that the children value the library sessions.....

....and as with every one with a little bit of ego....I'm thrilled they mentioned me!!

Yup....this is what I look like to the children!!!

An absolute, reality check!!!

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