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Camino Santiago...till we meet again.

This is part of a series of posts written on our Camino journey.

Post 7 Read the previous post here

Written by my sister Mary-Lou Navaratnam

8 May, 2019

(Err...this is pretty much my experience too, except that the argument was all my sister Mary-Lou's fault!)


Two pilgrims pose besides a bas relief street plaque with camino symbols

Two pilgrims pose against a monument commemorating the Pope's visit to the Camino
Pilgrims in the square in front of the cathedral at Compostela del Santiago

A yellow arrow on a green dustbin with the words '...I hope some day you'll join us...'
An assortment of stamps on a camino passport, including a stamp of Jesus leaning down from the cross to help a pilgrim
Seven women sitting around a table, smiling at the camera .
A man sitting on his haunches in front of a small table with books and a sign with the words 'El Libro del Camino'

Strongest willed - the handicapped young chap who did the Camino in a specially adapted wheelchair with help of friends Close to our heart - the blind Chinese woman who walked the Camino with only the aid of her white stick Gravity defying - the petite young Japanese girl carrying two enormous backpacks easily weighing more than her total body weight Most polite - the Japanese lady who so gently complained about her tour guide telling her off for chatting on the Camino Most bland food -Galician soup Most entertaining - the blind Knight Templar in the tiny chapel Most beautiful view - all views were fabulous but the view on the second day with the clouds in the valley below us Annoying on Camino - the narrow, long pillows in each hotel Buddu’s obsession- the horeos- the traditional outdoor structures used for storage of grain etc

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